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Pawmobile – transport solutions for people who love their pets

Are you a breeder needing to get puppies or kittens safely to their new homes?

Adopting a new animal from interstate?

Need someone you can TRUST to transport your pets with care and kindness?

Worried about the stress and uncertainty of your pet travelling in the cargo hold on large commercial airliners?

Prefer a service that doesn’t have multiple overnight stops for your animals?

Whatever your interstate pet transport needs, Pawmobile has got you covered.

Covid travel restrictions ruined your pet travel plans?

Interstate By Road

Due to Covid 19 restrictions Pawmobile has expanded to incorporate weekly trips by road between Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

We offer same day interstate by road, so no overnight stops in strange places for your pets.

We limit the number of animals on board to very small groups in order to minimise the stress on our passengers.

If you’re looking for a rock star road trip for your precious furry, finned or feathered family members, get in touch to find out more.

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Air Transport

Our brand new air transport service for pets is now offering flights between Melbourne and Tassie, and Melbourne and Sydney!

We are very excited to offer this one of a kind animal transport service commencing with weekly flights out of Essendon Fields Airport.

All animals travel in the aircraft cabin (we think they deserve so much better than being treated like cargo), AND you can rest easy knowing they are loaded, unloaded and ACCOMPANIED on the flight by an experienced Pawmobile animal manager.

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Travel Gear

Travel accessories and gear are on the way!

Check back here soon for full details of cool stuff for your jet setter pets.

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Crate Estimator

Our crate estimator can help you find the right size travel crate for your pet.

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We have a big soft spot for rescues & oldies. All rescues needing transport to their new homes and all senior pets get 10% discount off ALL Pawmobile services & products.

5 Star Pet Transport

Pawmobile is now operating a weekly air service between Victoria and Tasmania, and Victoria and NSW.

Your precious furry family members will always be greeted, loaded, accompanied and delivered by caring animal lovers with many years animal management experience.

Wherever your pets need to go you have peace of mind from knowing that they are looked after just the way you would. Our mantra is simple: we don’t treat your pets like cargo.

As every trip is as individual as your pets are, please get in touch if you would like a quote or estimate for Pawmobile services.


Pawmobile car

Pawmobile Crew

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Everyone Welcome

Whether it’s cats, kittens, dog, puppies, rats, ferrets or chookies……we welcome all species on board.

If we can accommodate the right size travel crate for your pets we welcome them aboard.


Crate Estimator

“Does my butt look big in this?”

Enter some simple measurements into the crate calculator to find the recommended crate size for your pet.


Why choose Pawmobile?

Because you’d rather deal with someone that doesn’t treat your pets like cargo.

Experienced & Professional

Your Pawmobile driver and flight manager has a wide range of experience including vet nursing and shelter management.

Animal handling, advanced driving, emergency management, and aviation  experience also ensure your pets are in the safest of hands.

Tailored For YOUR Pets

All Pawmobile services are  tailored with your pets’ comfort and convenience front and centre.

We’d love to chat to you about your animal travel requirements.

To find out how Pawmobile can help with your furry family transport needs, grab the phone or send an email with details of what you need.

Peace of Mind For Pet Owners

With over 30 years experience in a wide range of animal handling and animal management settings, you can rest easy knowing your pets are in the best paws possible.

Every step is taken to minimise stress on our travellers. There might even be some singalongs and plenty of cuddles.

Carbon Offset

The Pawmobile does a lot of driving and even some air miles with our new service.

In order to lower our carbon pawprint we offset every kilometre.

Down the track we aim to add a hybrid Pawmobile (when someone builds one suitable).


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 For more information, pricing or just to say hi, please email to

We try to answer all emails quickly, usually the day we receive them (unless we’re flying in which case it might be the following day). If you have emailed and not received a response within a couple of days, please get in touch by phone on 0450 429 009.

If you are requesting pricing information please remember we need either your pet’s crate size or breed, weight and measurements.

We also have a handy crate estimator here on the website and a diagram to show the correct measurements we need.