We understand that sometimes pets need to travel with some extra “bits” and we’re happy to assist our Very Impawtant Pawsengers if we can.


We have limited cargo space on our aircraft, so we do need to have some rules on what we can carry. 


There is NO charge for one acceptable bag of goodies per pet (see below for the details).


Okey is packed and ready to fly!


Bags should be clearly marked with the pawsenger’s name.


Either on a bag tag or written on the bag with a large permanent marker is great.


This helps us make sure we send our pawsengers off at the other end with the right stuff.


We also sell the cutest bag tags you’ve ever seen if you’d like to purchase one from us (pictured).


As safety is our number one consideration, bags need to be securely enclosed by zipper to ensure nothing is able to come loose during the flight.


Insulated “shopping” bags are ideal, as are small backpacks as these both stack easily in the plane.


Maximum sizes for bags are given at right on the photos. Smaller versions of these insulated shopping bags or backpacks are OK too.


These items are not able to be carried:

Plastic shopping bags with loop handles

Calico or other cloth bags with loop handles

Paper bags

Loose papers

Loose medications


Anything taped closed that prevents us from inspecting the contents


Medications may be carried in either a sealed envelope or small zip lock bag with pet’s name clearly written on the outside.


All paperwork (eg vaccinations, microchip certificates) should be in a sealed envelope with the pet’s name clearly written on the outside. Envelopes up to A4 size are OK.


Please talk to us at the time of booking if you think you may need to book additional items or your pet just can’t live without their favouritest 15 toys while on holiday (we get it, we really do).


Additional items may include pet beds that are too large for the crate the pet is flying in. Don’t forget we supply vet bedding for all our crates anyway.


Additional items or oversized items carry a charge of $40 each and we will try our hardest to accommodate them but we can’t guarantee that we will have room (especially during the busy season).