The crazy dog lady that started this whole shebang.


You’ll find Fi all over the place (on the phone, emails and socials), and at the airport as well as flying with the pawsengers.


Her favourite part of running the business paws down is getting to meet and greet all the pawsengers on flight day and stealing as many cuddles and kisses as possible.


In between flights and running the business Fi lives with two Goldies, Sherlock and Harper and is always covered in dog hair!


Cathy is 2IC and Deputy Dawg. 


You’ll most likely get to chat to her on the phone if you’re making enquiries or bookings and she jumps on board flights to look after the pawsengers as well


In between handling all the customer service stuff Cath is mum to Okie the Johnson Bulldog.


Jodi multi-tasks like a demon for us.


You might meet her at check-in greeting clients, flying with the pawsengers, or pretending to be Fi looking after the clients waiting for our inbound flight at Essendon.


Whatever role she’s in, guaranteed she’s stealing cuddles and kisses at every opportunity.


Jodes is owned by Penny and Buddy, two adorable senior Goldies, and so she also is usually covered in magical fibres of love and joy.


Alex is senior flight attendant and pawsenger pamperer.


You’ll meet her at the airports before boarding and on disembarkation, and she’ll happily tell you all about the extra on board cuddles in flight.


Alex’s biggest conundrum every flight is who to snuggle first.


Ian and Kristina are our gorgeous Devonport meeter and greeters.


You’ll find them waiting for you when you come to meet the plane if your furry family members are arriving, and providing assistance to pawsengers getting ready to board for their flight to Essendon.



Ian and Kristina are pawrents to Honda the Huntaway and Sandy the Kelpie.


They’re also grandpawrents to Ben the Whippet and Billy the Goldie. AND they have 3 tubby rescue cats Raya, Ned and Heidi, and 2 horses Spider and Princess.




Toby is our meeter and greeter at the Hobart end.


Just like Ian and Kristina in Devonport, he’ll be ready to say hello and help with anything you need at Cambridge.


Toby is pictured with one of his Corgis (also Toby). The two Tobes and the rest of the GSD and Corgi gang can often be seen in the show ring around Tassie.